Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. Once you make part or full payment for your tour, by default you accept these terms and conditions.

Once you book and make payment for a tour with TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD, we will confirm your booking and this enters you into a contract with the company. You are therefore obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions set out below. Henceforth, TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD will be referred to as ‘we’ or ‘the Company’.

A. Booking and Payment

  1. Your booking is not complete until full payment has been made and a tour ticket has been sent you in a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Once full payment is made you will be allocated a slot / slots on the particular tour and a confirmation email will be sent to you. This is your confirmation of booking. This should be printed and saved for your own reference as well as to identify you on the day of the tour.
  3. Once you pay in part or full for your tour, you are obliged to accept and abide by these terms and conditions.
  4. We will confirm all electronic bookings by e-mails. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours of booking your tour, contact us to send you another confirmation. We cannot be held responsible for un-received confirmation messages or e-mail address errors.
  5. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that all travel documents and details are complete and correct.
  6. Tickets cannot be transferred. If you make a mistake during your booking, inform us as soon as possible.

B. Insurance and Indemnity

  1. All domestic and international travel packages include basic travel insurance. If you require special travel insurance for an international trip, we can recommend third party insurance packages. You are also welcome to purchase your own insurance.
  2. We take no responsibility for any injuries or loss to you incurred while you are taking part in any included or optional activities in our package. You are responsible for determining your medical fitness to participate in each activity. For international trips, we strongly recommend that you review your included insurance and determine whether you would like to purchase additional comprehensive insurance cover (offered by a third party) for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before you travel. We reserve the right to reject you as a passenger unless you have arranged satisfactory insurance. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings from at any time during the duration of your tour.

C. Acceptance of Risks

  1. You acknowledge that adventures travel and the products and services offered by Our Company may involve a significant amount of risk to your health and safety. By traveling with us, you acknowledge that you have considered any potential risks to health and safety. You hereby assume responsibility for all such risk and releases The Company from all claims and causes of action arising from any losses, damages or injuries or death resulting from risks inherent in travel, including adventure travel specifically, visiting foreign destinations, and participating in adventurous activities such as those included in tour itineraries or otherwise offered by Our Company.
  2. You acknowledge that the degree and nature of personal risk involved depends on the products or services booked and the location(s) in which a product or service operates, and that there may be a significant degree of personal risk involved in participating, particularly participating in physical activities, travel to remote locations, carriage by watercraft, participation in “extreme sports” or other high-risk activities, or travel to countries with developing infrastructure. Standards of hygiene, accommodation and transport in certain countries where tours take place may be lower than the standards you may reasonably expect in your home country or region.

D. Cancellations and Refunds

  1. All payments on local group trips are partially refundable until 10 days before the trip or activity. We are able to refund 75% of your payment until 10 days before the trip or activity. After this deadline, tickets are not refundable. Payments for international group trips and custom itineraries are non-refundable or non-transferrable. 
  2. Deals and special prices offered after the purchase date cannot be applied to a booking after it has been paid for.

E. Tour Prices

  1. Prices quoted by us may be changed at any time until we have confirmed in writing acceptance of your booking. Even after that time, prices may be changed if we are charged additional costs after that time including, for example, where agencies that are used to provide services on tour raise their costs for any reason and should that occur, if that would result in your paying an additional amount of more than 20% of the tour price, you will be entitled to cancel your tour with a full refund of all monies paid to us.  Should you decide to cancel because of this, you must exercise your right to do so within 5 days of the date of our advice. If there is less than 5 days before the departure date, then by no later than one day after you have received our advice of the increased costs.

F. Changes from TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD

  1. We reserve the right to change our itineraries at any time and without notice. As professionals we will endeavor to avoid this and if this is necessary, we will substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value.
  2. We reserve the right to alter our itinerary in the event of happenings outside the control of our company including outbreaks of contagious diseases, revolution, political unrest, national or local strikes and/or protests, social disorder, weather hazards and supernatural occurrences.

G. Special Requests

  1. If you have special requests (including dietary or medical requirements), you should inform us of such requests prior to departure. We will advise the relevant supplier of your requirements, but we cannot guarantee that such requests will be met. Furthermore, we have no liability to you if such requests are not met.

H. Unused Service (No Show)

  1. No refunds will be given for missed or unused services such as hotel rooms, meals, sightseeing trips or included activities irrespective of the reason why you have missed or not used the services. The quoted price is an inclusive price for the tour, as a package.

I. Travelling and Immigration

  1. You must obey the laws of any country we travel to. We would ask you to show respect to the many diverse customs that exist in the different countries and also foreign exchange restrictions. If you do not do so, you may be asked to surrender your ticket, which may be cancelled without any refund. It is our representative who will decide to cancel your pass or not and their decision will be final.
  2. Your appointed Our Company tour guide may need to make a decision in the interests of safety. It is a condition of bookings that you comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed representative of TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD. If you do not comply with the said representative and are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well being of members of the tour, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue the tour. In such a case we will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any additional costs incurred by you. We cannot accept liability for the behavior of others on the tour nor if any facilities are curtailed as a result of their actions.
  3. It is your responsibility to meet the tour at arranged points. Because of the nature of the service, Our Company. will not be liable if any service leaves or arrives later than its specified time, even if as a result you miss a connecting service. We will endeavor to ensure that departure and arrival times are met.
  4. Refunds cannot be administered in the event that a visa is refused prior to the trip, upon arrival or cancelled. In this event, we will do the best we can to mitigate your losses as much as possible.
  5. Refunds cannot be administered in the event that you test positive to the COVID-19 virus prior to or during a trip. In this event, we will do the best we can to mitigate your losses as much as possible.

J. Third Party Suppliers

  1. TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD makes arrangements with accommodation providers, activity providers, airlines, cruise lines, coach companies, transfer operators, shore excursion operators, tour and local guides, and other independent parties (“Third Party Suppliers”) to provide you with some or all of the components of your booking. Third Party Suppliers may also engage the services of local operators and subcontractors. Although Our Company takes all reasonable care in selecting Third Party Suppliers, we are unable to control Third Party Suppliers, do not supervise Third Party Suppliers and therefore cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. Any services provided by Third Party Suppliers are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by these Third Party Suppliers and their liability is limited by their tariffs, conditions of carriage, tickets and vouchers and international conventions and agreements that govern the provision of their services.
  2. The Company is not liable and will not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from the act or omission of any party other than the tour operator and its employees.

K. Photography

  1. During your tour your tour guide or group photographer may take photographs and films of you (individually or as part of the group) while you are a passenger and these may be used in our group brochures and/or advertising and publicity material (e.g. Instagram) without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and/or films. You are required to specifically indicate if you would not like your photo to appear in any of our online or print promotional materials.

L. Experiences, Licenses, Certification and Fitness

  1. Certain activities require a minimum level of experience in order to participate and we expect you to be honest with us in assessing your level of fitness and abilities. Where applicable we will advise you of these requirements in good faith. You accept full responsibility for ensuring you have the relevant experience, licenses and certifications required to participate in these activities and carry documents to that effect. You agree to that we will not be liable for any refusal to allow you to engage in the relevant activity due to your lack of documentary evidence, insufficient experience licenses or certification or inadequate level of fitness.
  2. By agreeing to these Terms, you confirm that you are in good health for the activities that you will be undertaking and have advised fully any medical history that could in any way adversely affect your participation in the tour. You agree that you will not participate in activities if you are feeling unwell or undertake any diving activities if you have a chest cold or respiratory congestion while on the tour. Where you will engage in diving activities organized through us, you must produce a diving medical certificate completed by a diving medical specialist if you have any medical condition contrary to these requirements.  

M. Pick up Point

  1. It is your responsibility to meet us at the advertised meeting point. For custom group or family tours, we may arrange a different singular pick-up point.
  2. TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD will not be held responsible for leaving you if you do not arrive at the pick up point before the set departure time and we reserve the right not to refund your payment.
  3. Pick up times are approximate and dependent upon the road traffic conditions. Therefore, plan to arrive BEFORE the advertised pick-up or departure time.

N. Your Obligations and Responsibilities

  1. You must inform us in writing of any medical condition that requires attention or medication before your tour commences.
  2. It is your responsibility to have all necessary visas, passports, permits and certificates required for your selected itinerary as well as any necessary vaccinations and to comply with all applicable laws.
  3. When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid at the time direct to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions.
  4. You are obliged to respect the right of residents living close to our accommodation and other accommodations used by us during the tour, to live free from noise, vandalism or any other source of annoyance. Especially at night time. Any tour member who contravenes this policy will be reported to the local police.
  5. We would ask you come to our tour with a positive frame of mind, ready to enjoy your adventure with us. At all times you must show courtesy and respect to your driver/guide and more importantly the other tour members. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the tour at the management’s discretion.

O. Complaints

  1. In the highly unlikely event that you may wish to make a formal complaint against Our Company. Please inform The Company representative at the time. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately or during your trip after the Representative’s best endeavors to do so, your complaint should be made in writing to TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD as soon as is reasonably possible after the trip, but within 5 days thereof so that your complaint can be investigated. You can be assured of respect and courtesy whilst your complaint is being dealt with.

P. Weather Conditions

  1. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No ticket can be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for weather conditions that may affect the delivery and implementation of our itinerary.

Q. No Smoking Policy

  1. We do not permit smoking on any of our vehicles.

R. General

  1. The booking conditions detailed herein contain the entire contract between you and TVP World of Wonders LLC/LTD. No representation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing, advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by a duly authorized officer of Our Company.. Changes to these Booking Conditions will only be valid if agreed by TVP Company in writing.
  2. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our brochures and other printed material at time of going to print, however Our Company cannot be held responsible for printing and typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.

(Please read carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. Once you book a trip, you accept these terms and conditions.)