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You’ll Meet These People on Every Flight To Nigeria!

People on a plane fascinate me. Conversations on a plane intrigue me. Time spent on a plane can be tiresome but for me, it is an opportunity to observe and write. On occasion, I am blessed with a seat neighbor whose stories shrink a 7 hour flight to what seems like a quick dash. Whether I am on a long-haul flight from Accra to New York or leading a group of students on a TVP Adventures excursion from Lagos to Nairobi, the hours on a plane never go a-wasted. Recently, I whipped out my pen and began to sketch some of my …


We Took Historic Photos of Lagos During the Lockdown!

I remember getting the news about the first set of COVID-19 cases in Lagos. I had been following the meltdown of the tourism space. There was an avalanche heading south from Europe and a tornado heading East from the Americas. On their path was Nigeria. The data could have helped us prepare drastically but we were depending on melanin, Sunshine and a widespread rhetoric of ‘it is not our portion’. Then it became our portion. I remember frantically reaching out to our vendors even before the index case in Nigeria – airlines, resorts in Cape Verde, visa officers in Dubai, …


The Hilarious List of Characters at Any Embassy!

You know how travel junkies pack their bags, walk up to the airport, close their eyes, flip a coin and hop on a flight to a random country? Well, I’m probably never going to be able to do that because I hold a Nigerian passport and I need visas / embassy appointments to enter most countries. I do not remember my first experience at an embassy…I was very young and was likely plucked up from the floor by my parents to be shown to the interviewing officer and then sent back to a chair in the waiting hall while my …