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Congratulations on your big day! After months of planning, you finally tied the knot with the love of your life. You can now head off on your honeymoon vacation, a chance to spend quality time with your partner. A honeymoon destination should not be an afterthought because years from now, you’ll look back at those beautiful memories. 

This guide will help you consider 8 of Nigeria’s most romantic places to honeymoon, no matter your budget!

  1. Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort – Uyo 

Ibom Resort is perfect for honeymooners. Oh, the serenity! You are sure to be revived and rejuvenated in the tranquil environment, especially if you both come from a bustling city. The peace will draw you both closer as you take long walks around the large expanse of greenery, breathe in the fresh air, and lodge in 5-star accommodation. And yes, there’s a cherry on top for the golf lovers because Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort boast a world-class 18-hole golf course. Uyo has no shortage of places to eat some of the most exciting delicacies the country has to offer – Afang, Edikaikong, Editan, and lots more. The beautiful thing about Uyo is the community and warmth for people greeting you with a heartfelt welcome -“amedi.

  1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort – Lagos

Thrill-seeking, photography lovers or quiet honeymooners will totally love this place. With African themed architecture, cuisine and awe-inspiring waters from the Atlantic, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is the perfect spot for culture lovers! In addition to this ambience, there are fun activities that lovebirds can engage in such as kayaking, quad biking, or just soaking in the wonders of nature together in bathing suits, on the beach. 

  1. JayBee Lodge – Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

JayBee Lodge is located between two beaches – Tarkwa Bay and Lighthouse Beach. Honeymooners can access the lodge in just 15 or20  minutes via a boat ride from Ikoyi or Victoria Island. The boat ride costs N1000 (2000 to and fro) per person. The swaying palm trees, serene garden, wide beaches, and beautiful view from the balcony of your cabin will make your honeymoon a wonderful memory. As you watch the sunset, don’t forget the mouth-watering grilled meals that are easy to access on Tarkwa Bay beach. 

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort – Cross River

Obudu Mountain Resort has always been a honeymooner’s favourite. The popular photos of the grand rolling hills do not do justice to this location. Some activities you can do together are bird watching, long romantic hikes in the mountains, cable car rides, the canopy walkway and a refreshing swim in Grotto (an artificial mini waterfall and pool). This place is truly a world of adventure so if you’re looking to have a honeymoon straight out of a movie, Obudu is the place. 

  1. Nike Lake Resort – Enugu

Enugu is the city of hills. In Enugu, there is no place better to stay for your honeymoon than Nike Lake Resort. The resort offers breathtaking views of gardens or lakes to wake up to every morning. Amid the beautiful, unspoilt landscape, there is the Awhum waterfall which reveals a place perfect for any couple, whether they spend their days watching the awe-inspiring falls or dance together in rhythm. 

  1. Jara Beach Resort – Lagos

Jara Beach Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Lagos now, for good reason. It is also very very exclusive because of how private and luxurious it is. So, why is this place so special? Well, Jara Beach Resort is an all-inclusive resort that offers three meals, unlimited drinks, a view of the private beach, activities and a poolside that you’ll be tempted to spend the whole day at. The small resort is almost always fully booked because of how beautiful it is but if you book early enough, you’ll be able to start your marriage on a refreshing note. 

  1. Almat Farm Resort – Abuja

Almat Farm located in Kuje area of Abuja, about an hour drive from the city, is not just a farm, but a destination and an experience for young lovers. It oozes romance with wildlife, fantastic ambience and food, and an exclusive environment to spend time with your partner. Almat Farms also has activities like polo, volleyball, football, tennis, snooker, camping, horse riding, quad bike riding, board games and hiking. Be sure to take a walking tour around the greenhouses where delicious food is grown. Then, wind up the honeymoon by kayaking or bonding over pottery at the Bwari pottery; a perfect place to relish each other’s company.

8. Zuma Resort – Abuja

Zuma Rock Resort gives you a view to remember. It is located along the Abuja – Kaduna Expressway. The resort gives honeymooners a relaxing experience with a superb view of one of Nigeria’s monuments – Zuma Rock. You and your partner can spend days exploring the lush greenery on a horseback, go cycling or golfing, bird watching, or even picnicking. If you’re looking for a serene and somewhat adventurous experience without compromising luxury, Zuma Rock is perfect for you. 

  1. Kajuru Castle  – Kaduna

Kajuru Castle feels like something out of medieval times. In fact, this castle was a private home that was opened up to the public a few decades ago. If you’re ready to feel like a Disney couple on your honeymoon, this castle is for you. The gorgeous architecture blends into the landscape and offers spectacular views. Kajuru Castle  only accommodates 10 guests (there are 5 rooms with up to 2 guests allowed in each room), so it provides you and your partner with the intimacy you need. 

If you would like us to plan your entire honeymoon experience, reach out to us at [email protected] or 0805 964 8876. We’ve designed travel experiences to over 20 countries and for thousands of people. 

Cheers to your new journey of love together. 

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    1. A honeymoon in Ilashe Resort is fantastic. It integrates luxury into nature and you can enjoy your temporary home in a sexy, well-designed beach house.

    1. Oooh, yes! For the sake of the article, we highlighted just the 8 best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria.

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